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Daily COVID-19 Testing for NFL Players: Top Stories, Sports and Business News — July 21

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Here are the top sports and business stories on July 21.

Nike's Win

Michael Jordan’s Jumpman brand announced an expanded partnership with the National Basketball Association. The Jumpman logo will now be incorporated onto the NBA’s Statement Edition uniforms for all 30 of the league’s teams.

The Statement Edition jerseys are reserved for the NBA’s major rivalry matchups and special occasions. Fans can start buying those jerseys in October.

According to reports, Nike saw $3.14 billion in revenue from the Jumpman brand in 2019.

Coronavirus Update

There are 14.7 million cases of the virus worldwide, with over 611,000 deaths. The U.S. has over 3.8 million cases with over 141,000 deaths.

The CDC released data that shows that the number of people infected by the coronavirus in various parts of the U.S. is anywhere from two to 13 times higher than the reported rates that we’re seeing.

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused a pair of Chinese hackers on Tuesday of targeting vaccine development on behalf of China’s intelligence service. This accusation comes after the U.S., the U.K. and Canada accused Russia of trying to steal information.

And, finally, Winn-Dixie—a supermarket chain—will now require customers to wear masks effective July 27. This is a reversal of its previous stance which did not enforce mask-wearing. Winn-Dixie joins a growing list of large supermarkets and retailers who now require customers to wear masks in their stores.

NFL's Testing Partner

The NFL has found a partner for coronavirus testing. Monday night, on CNBC’s Mad Money show, the Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories told Jim Cramer that they will provide daily coronavirus tests for all 32 teams across 30 cities. According to ProFootballTalk, BioReference is expected to administer 120 tests per team, per day with extra tests available if needed. Sports Business Daily is reporting the total bill for the NFL is around $75 million. BioReference Labs is also the testing partner for the NBA and MLS.

Daily COVID-19 tests are required for the first two weeks of Training Camp which is set to start for some teams later this week. The league says they will then shift to testing every other day as long as the positive test ratio remains under 5%, according to CNBC.

BioReference was also selected by the CDC to provide antibody testing as part of the agency's Emergency Response program. Jim Cramer told TheStreet’s Katherine Ross, when she asked whether or not younger investors should take a look at Opko—the company behind BioReference—that he's not sure about younger investors investing in this company just yet. 

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