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Corey Goldman: Southwest Airlines, ticker symbol love, looking to potentially shower some love on investors when it announces its third quarter results next month. That according to a regulatory filing, the company released today sent to the Securities Exchange Commission, which basically outlines that their costs, which they announce in each quarter and they forecast what those costs are going to be, will actually come in a bit lower than what the initially announced when they announced their second quarter earnings, back in July. So obviously with lower costs, that could mean better profits. And this is all happening despite the fact that they are still operating with the grounded fleet of Boeing Max jet airplanes and also dealing with what all the airlines deal with, which are weather related issues. And in particular Hurricane Dorian, which actually forced the airlines cancel about 600 flights, just in the first couple of weeks in September. So despite all these headwinds, the company's still doing quite well and a good sign that their third quarter earnings may come in at other records, but will remain to be seen. For in Toronto, I'm Corey Goldman.