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Some of the Winners & Losers in the Trump Budget

Here is a look at which agencies in the Federal Government stand to gain or lose under the president's proposed spending plan.

The Defense Department's budget will increase $574 billion. The White House says increased defense spending will not increase the deficit. Homeland Security got a  $2.8 billion increase. That's part of $4.5 billion in increased funding for border and immigration security. The Department of Veterans Affairs would receive a $4.6 billion increase under the president's plan. This discretionary funding is aimed at improving vets' access to medical care.

The losers include The Department of Education, which would see a $9 billion decrease in support. Federal and state grants along with before and after-school programs are just some of the cuts. The Environmental Protection Agency might be reduced by $2.6 billion. That's a 31% cut from 2017 levels and eliminates more than 50 EPA programs. Finally the Department of Transportation would lose $16.2 billion. This includes the elimination of a program subsidizing rural airports and restructures grants to Amtrak

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.

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