How Social Distancing Has Changed Jim Cramer’s Life

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Like millions of Americans and people across the globe, Jim Cramer is practicing social distancing as the world attempts to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As of 2 p.m. ET, April 3, worldwide cases of coronavirus have surpassed 1 million and over 58,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus, per data from Johns Hopkins University. On the bright side, 225,335 people have recovered from the virus.

The United States has become the epicenter of the outbreak with over 260,000 cases and over 6,000 deaths reported. Over 100,000 of those cases are located in New York State.

To slow the spread, the White House has issued recommendations for social distancing that have been extended until April 30 nationwide.

The move has had a crippling effect on the economy as businesses, gyms, and non-essential facilities have been forced to close. A piece of the economic impact was made apparent Friday when during the March jobs report, the U.S. reported a loss of over 700,000 jobs, the first decline in employment since 2010.

As of April, 90% of Americans have been coping with stay-at-home orders from their state governments.

So what changes has Jim Cramer made? You might have noticed he hasn’t been anywhere near the New York Stock Exchange as of late, and our daily live show looks a little different. You won’t find Cramer far from a container of Clorox wipes, but he’s busier than ever. And no, he won’t be shaking your hand.

Watch the video above to hear how he’s taking on social distancing.

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