Pro Skater Ryan Sheckler Reveals Biggest Financial Mistake and What He Learned

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How many money mistakes have you made?

Ryan Sheckler, the pro-skateboarder talked to TheStreet about his biggest money mistake and how he manages his money now. 

So, what is his biggest money mistake?

"Probably just thinking that I needed cars and saw what a waste of money they were. And you know, I'm almost 30 know, even jewelry as a kid. A lot of those things that I thought I needed, I really didn't, and I would've saved millions of dollars at this point in time," he said.

But, Sheckler has learned from his mistake. 

"I've saved a lot of that and I've had very good money managers and I bank with Morgan Stanley, so they keep me in the green, which is good," he continued.

Sheckler also had some financial advice for young athletes.

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