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Sip on Pepsi, Don't Chug This Stock

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Ready to take a sip of Real Money Stock of the Day PepsiCo (PEP) - Get PepsiCo Inc. Report ?

Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, weighed in on Pepsi after it posted earnings that beat expectations. 

Pepsi said adjusted earnings for the three months ending on June 15 came in at $1.54 per share, down 4.34% from the same period last year but 2 cents ahead of the Street consensus forecast. According to Pepsi, group revenues rose 2.23% to $16.449 million, largely in-line with analysts forecasts.

So, what should investors do now?

"It's hard to argue with how strong [Pepsi's] chart is, right? That sector, generally speaking, is doing very well. Staples are doing well. Everybody likes dividends in this low-interest rate environment. So there's a lot of great things about the stock. For us, entering into a new position like this ends up being a little bit cautious. We like to be cautious in these scenarios. So do it in a way that your hedged, or you're protected. And we can actually put on a position that has like a no-cost hedge. You build in your floor, you still have upside exposure as the market continues to move up," said Pestrichelli.

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