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A Short Week Is a Long Week, According to Traders

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Curious about why traders on the floor consider the shorter holiday weeks to actually be longer?

Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle, Real Money contributor and former trader, breaks down why traders think of short weeks as longer. 

Here's what Guilfoyle has to say. 

"Something we've always said at the [New York Stock Exchange] here--by saying a short week is always long. It means that the pressure ratchets up, we all have this number in our heads, what I have to make per week, per month, even per day in order to get the job done, to pay the bills at home, to get the kids through school, just to take care of business. Now that number goes up dramatically in a month where there are holidays, in a week where there's a holiday or a week like this where there's a full holiday and a day that's not going to be quite as busy."

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