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Short-Term Versus Long-Term Investing: Which Is the Better Investment?

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Time for some investing education. 

It might be hard to understand whether or not an investment is a long-term or short-term investment if you're just starting to invest. 

Carol Schleif, deputy chief investment officer at Abbot Downing, explained how investors should go about thinking about their investments. 

"I think rather than think all or none or rather than think a single investment or not, it's important to lay out what your longterm goals are. Structure and overall overarching asset allocation that's comfortable for you. Meaning, how much do you want in stocks? How much do you want and bonds over the long run?" She said. 

"And then use market volatility to dial up or dial down at the fringes rather than to think that you can get all the way in or out. So short term modes can be put to your advantage by, say, for example, that you have a certain percentage of stock exposure you want to have. When volatility pushes that percentage down, you can use it to round it back up again, either through a variety of methods," she continued. 

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