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Sectors Driving Disruption in the PPE Market

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The coronavirus pandemic, which upended everyday life around the globe for the past nine months, has been a disrupter in the corporate world that no one saw coming or had time to prepare for. Businesses were upended seemingly overnight with little to no insight into how long the pandemic would last or how consequential its impact would become. The sudden need for Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, thrust that industry into the spotlight. Not only was it in high demand for the medical community and essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic, but also regular people across the globe suddenly needed masks and protective gear. It had been an industry that had not seen much innovation in decades and was disrupted within a few short months.

In a free webinar, hosted by TheStreet in partnership with 02 Industries, a panel of experts discussed the disruption in the PPE industry.

“Technology is clearly a huge disruptor. There's a number of things that are happening now…the debut of 5G networks, augmented reality, virtual reality, there's just a tremendous amount, but tech is the easy one to identify. Some of the enabling technologies under there's some of the material science, that is worth noting as well. And I think that speaks a little bit to…O2’s efforts on the filtration front. You think about advances in those types of technologies and what can be done for the home filtration market and others. To me, that's some of the uncovered fruit that is really worth exploring," Chris Versace, a Real Money contributor and Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research, said.

Additional companies are also disrupting traditional businesses like in fitness with Peloton, Echelon, or online class providers like Outschool, but it also involves companies that are well-positioned to adapt to the changing behavior of customers.

“There are some other entrants that are trying to get in there, Apple with its Fitness+ obviously, companies where people are afraid to go out or still hesitant to go out, other curbside pickup or even just accelerated delivery, which, when you think about that, it really speaks to the infrastructure of the trucking industry,” Chris Versace added. 

“And then let's remember too, that all of this enhanced connectivity, whether it's streaming media from Netflix or video or audio, or some of the online exercise programs that you're talking about, or simply staying in touch with folks, it all hinges on the digital infrastructure that we have. And that's not just the pipe to your home or the wifi signal, but the data centers that we have and the enabling technologies that allow those devices to connect to those networks. So that to me is probably one of the unsung heroes of this pandemic because without it we would be in the dark.”

Ashly Knox, Chief Marketing Officer for O2 Industries, zeroed in on how Athletic wearables are also driving market disruption.  Watch the video above to hear more on that.

Stay with for the latest on the coronavirus and its impact on global markets.

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