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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S20 With 5G Capabilities

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On Feb. 11, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S20 flagship phones and other devices at Unpacked, an annual event held this year in San Francisco.

The Galaxy S20 phones cost $999-$1,399, depending on which version you buy, and all three show off 5G capabilities and improved camera features like enhanced zoom and 8K recording.

Samsung also showcased a foldable phone called the Z Flip, which has a clamshell design and can be unfolded into a full display for easy movie-watching, for example. The $1380 Z Flip does not come with 5G.

In addition to the phones, Samsung also showed off a new version of Galaxy Buds, called Galaxy Buds+, which will sell for $149 and include microphone and speaker enhancements and an improved battery life. 

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