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TheStreet Series: Wall Street Stories

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Do you have a Wall Street story?

Ryan Sheckler, a professional skateboarder, does. 

TheStreet is featuring it in its newest video series Wall Street Stories.

Sheckler, who's sponsored by cbdMD (YCBD) - Get Free Report , visited the New York Stock Exchange and talked to TheStreet about how he went pro, his investing strategy and what it's like to be a pro skateboarder. 

Sheckler broke down his investing strategy to TheStreet.

"I mean, I look at, I look at it with, you know, my brands and with investing as like, there's going to be times where things don't work out. Ideas don't work out. Investments don't work out. And that's why I've also put a $50,000 cap on my investments. I won't invest over $50,000. I'm not saying that I'm cool with losing $50k, but it's a lot less of a blow then, you know, putting it in $250k so, and that's your strategy, you know, that's just knowing what you're capable and what you're willing to lose. Investing is a gamble. No one has the answers," said Sheckler. 

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Edited by award winning filmmaker Justin Ho.  Follow him on Twitter @jjho8.

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