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Ruby Bridges Passes the Activism Torch to Young People

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TheStreet continues its month-long video series: Black History, Wall Street, and Beyond by celebrating Ruby Bridges.

Today, the civil rights icon runs the Ruby Bridges Foundation and continues combatting racism by educating children on inclusion.  As part of Black History Month, she spoke to an audience at Weber State University, saying that children were the key to moving past racism.

Ruby Bridges Quote

As an author, Bridges penned the New York Times bestseller, "This Is Your Time," a letter to today's youth, sharing similarities between today and the 1960's protests.

Remembering Ruby Bridges:

Ruby was four years old when her family relocated to New Orleans from Tylertown, Mississippi.  In 1959, she attended a segregated kindergarten.

Ruby was one of six black students to pass the test that determined eligibility to attend the all-white William Frantz Elementary School.  Two of the six students decided against attending and the remaining three were transferred.

Four federal marshals escorted Ruby and her mother on her first day.  They continued escorting Ruby throughout the year, while her mother cared for her other children.  

As a consequence of Ruby’s attendance, her father lost his job, the neighborhood grocer turned them away, her grandparents were forced off their land and her parents separated.  Ruby is now chair of the Ruby Bridges Foundation, formed to promote tolerance and create change through education.

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