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Exclusive: Richard Branson Urges Britons to 'Pray' for Brexit Referendum

Richard Branson weighs in on Brexit and explains why he thinks that Britons need to 'pray' for another referendum.

Wondering what one the most prominent British business figures has to say about Brexit? 

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, visited the New York Stock Exchange Monday to celebrate another company he founded, Virgin Galactic, as the company celebrated its debut on the U.S. market.

But, of course, with the latest news around Brexit, Branson's head isn't only up in space. EU officials announced Monday that a flexible Brexit deadline will be extended until January 31. 

TheStreet's Martin Baccardax wrote, "Britain, where the ruling Conservative Party is pressing for a snap election in order to cement its recently-agreed [European Union] exit deal, while opposition lawmakers reject the move unless and until the risk of a so-called 'hard Brexit' is taken off the table. EU officials are reportedly ready to extend Britain's October 31 Brexit deadline by a further three months, but the election impasse suggests the nation will continue to struggle to deliver a mandate that is now nearly three-and-a-half years old."

So what did Branson think of it after his strong comments a year earlier, when he said that Brexit was the worst thing to happen to Britain since World War 2. 

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"...You know, I pray and quite a few other people I know pray that there will be another referendum and that we can actually admit that the public were misled and the public can opt to stay as part of the European Union," Branson said.

Branson continued, saying that his stance stems from more than just pure economics. 

"I wish that not just for economic reasons, but because my grandkids, if they want to live or play or work in Europe, they will not be allowed to and there have 28 beautiful countries and they'll be told they can only stay in the UK," he said. 

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