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Remdesivir In Short Supply After Trump Takes Treatment

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Remdesivir is reportedly in short supply following revelations that President Donald Trump is using the Gilead Sciences  (GILD) -made drug as part of his medical regimen to combat his Covid-19 diagnosis.

Reports of shortages of the drug, the best-known virus inhibitor for patients with severe Covid-19, emerged on Tuesday, with hospitals in the Netherlands and reporting they cannot currently order the drug from Gilead.

In the U.K., National Health Service hospitals were issued an alert last week that warned of an “increased demand against available supply,” telling doctors to be more selective about to whom they give the drug.

The NHS on Monday added to that warning, telling doctors to save the drug for those who “have the greatest capacity to benefit,” according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

The shortages follow revelations that Trump is currently on a five-day treatment plan with remdesivir - a broad-spectrum antiviral medication administered via injection that has proven effective at helping patients with severe symptoms of Covid-19.

Gilead and its distributor last Thursday were cleared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to sell remdesivir directly to hospitals.

However, the European Commission, which purchases remdesivir centrally and arranges its distribution among its member states, said the last doses of the drug were sent out on Sunday, and told hospitals that new orders are no longer possible. 

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