Reebok's First-Ever Shoes Made From Liquid Are Stunning

Reebok has developed a way to use a liquid substance to make a good chunk of a new sneaker.
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Adidas (ADDYY) owned Reebok has joined the growing race to use 3-D printing to develop some stunning, yet pricey, sneakers. The footwear maker recently unveiled its new Liquid Factory process, which uses computer software and robotics to draw shoes in three dimensions. A proprietary liquid material, created for Reebok by chemical maker BASF, is used to concoct 3-D layers that then get plastered on a sneaker. The first shoe born from this manufacturing process is the Reebok Liquid Speed, which is being released in a 300-pair production run for a cool $189.50 a pair. TheStreet got its hands on a pair of the Liquid Speed's, and found them to be surprisingly light given the 3D material used on the sides and soles of the shoes. Further, the shoes offered great grip in large part thanks to the 3D material on the soles.