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Webinar—Expert Advice on Wealth Planning for Turbulent Markets (April 22)

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Are you in a state of panic over the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you unsure what to do with your money?

Well, worry no more.

On Wednesday, April 22 at 10AM EST, watch a full Webinar on An all-star team of financial experts, in a panel discussion sponsored by RBC Wealth Management, identified the 10 things to do with your financial plan and investment portfolio – right now.

Who should consider a Roth IRA conversion, how much should you set aside in an emergency fund, and what's the best way to rebalance your assets are just some of the topics the experts—Angie O’Leary, head of wealth planning at RBC Wealth Management, Scott Kahan, president and senior financial planner with Financial Asset Management, and Vicki Fillet, a financial planning adviser with Roosevelt Wealth Management—discuss.

Learn too what the experts said about women and wealth, and the reasons why women, in particular, need a retirement plan.

Tune into the Webinar, brought to you by TheStreet and RBC Wealth Management.

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