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Is a Rate Cut on the Horizon? What to Expect From the Federal Reserve Meeting

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Another month, another Federal Reserve meeting.

Yes, it's already that time of the month.

Steve Skancke, chief economic advisor at Keel Point, and Jacob Sonenshine, a reporter for TheStreet, sat down with TheStreet's Katherine Ross to discuss all things Federal Reserve. 

When asked whether or not Skancke still expects a rate cut, he replied, "Well, I was a lot more certain last week that they would cut rates until we got some new information. A couple of things have happened. One is inflation has actually ticked up to about 2.5% and consumer sentiment is expecting inflation to be 2.8% over the next year. So that gives those who are against raising rates like the Boston Federal Reserve Bank president, more ammunition to argue against it when they meet today and tomorrow."

Sonenshine replied that he's uncertain about business uncertainty. 

Watch the full interview for more from Sonenshine and Skancke. 

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