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Retiree Could End Up Being MLB’s Highest Paid Player in 2020

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Very unexpectedly, the Major League Baseball player who may be bringing in the largest salary in 2020 is someone who last played on the field four years ago: retired player Prince Fielder.

If this seems confusing, we agree.

TheStreet and Sports Illustrated explain how this works out:

For some background, the former Brewers, Tigers and Rangers slugger sustained a neck injury in 2016 that was unfortunately career-ending. Instead of retiring formally, which would have meant forfeiting his income, Fielder and the Rangers reached an agreement where Fielder simply left the team but his contract remained for the remaining 4-year term. 2020 is the last year of Fielder's contract, and he’s expecting to net $24 million.

All that makes sense. But there must be players making more than Fielder, right? There sure are. In normal times, Mike Trout is the highest paid player in the game, making $37.7 million. Gerrit Cole with the Yankees makes $36 million per year. 

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, MLB players have agreed to slash their salaries in half. The catch is that nowhere is it stipulated that former players need to make such cuts. So it's possible that Fielder, with his $24 million salary, will take home the most dough this season.

Not bad for a retirement plan.

Read the full story on Sports Illustrated. 

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