How Presidential Election Impacts Stocks, Economy: Tips for Investors

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While predicting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election is a fool’s game, understanding how elections impact the market and preparing for all possible outcomes is critical to protecting your portfolio.

Mike Hanson, senior vice president of research at Fisher Investments, Real Money contributor Bob Lang and Larry Siegel director of research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation, joined TheStreet contributor Laura Petrecca to break down what elections mean for Wall Street, and just as importantly, how the average investor can prepare for whatever comes next in a webinar hosted by TheStreet.

Among numerous topics discussed were the lessons panelists have learned from previous elections and cumulative decades of experience as well as tips for navigating an election that is guaranteed to be memorable at the least.

If nothing else, all three panelists suggested keeping things in perspective with a focus on the long-term. “If you have a longer time horizon over even just a few years… any volatility in the short term is going to be minuscule and just a blip on the radar compared to whatever the longer term trends are in a macro economic sense. That's always been true for political outcomes, especially for United States political outcomes,” Hanson said.

For more exclusive advice on navigating the election and whatever comes next, watch the video above.

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