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President Trump Tells Staff, 'I Want Tariffs': Report

"China is laughing at us," President Trump reportedly told staff.

President Trump wants tariffs.

According to Axios, President Trump reportedly said the following to his chief of staff, General John Kelly: "I want tariffs. And I want someone to bring me some tariffs."

The idea of a tariff is to encourage U.S. companies to make things here in the U.S. and employ American workers.

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The report also said the President repeated quite a familiar line when it comes trade, quote. "China is laughing at us. Laughing."

China has a $25 billion trade surplus with the United States as of July -- meaning it exports more than it imports.

Trump's trade policies still remain unclear. On Sunday, on Twitter, he floated the possibility of terminating the trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada - NAFTA.

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