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Podcast: What TheStreet's Interns Learned From Jim Cramer and Action Alerts PLUS

TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer holds a monthly investor call for members of his Action Alerts PLUS investing club.

TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer holds a monthly investor call for members of Jim Cramer's charitable trust Action Alerts PLUS

Cramer covered everything from the trade war to PayPal's (PYPL) future in the one hour show.

Listen to some of the biggest takeaways from from TheStreet's 2018 intern class.

Oscar Gonzalez

When Cramer referenced the most expensive stocks in the portfolio, he talked about PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL) .

He called the company the "global leader in payments in three years," and brought up how it still hasn't monetized the popular mobile payment app, Venmo.

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Alex Nicoll

Investors should be bullish on oil.

The reason? It's actually pretty straight forward. Demand is rising and supply is shrinking which should lead to higher prices. 

Alexandra Garfinkle

Buy Citigroup (C)  .

Cramer spent a fair bit of time on financials - and he's a believer that, despite the current mixed performance of bank stocks, the financials represent a lot of value.

"These stocks have been losers of late because of a belief that they can't make enough money lending with the yield curve the way it is," Cramer explained.

Citigroup is a holding of Jim Cramer's charitable trust Action Alerts PLUS.

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This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.