Planet Fitness (PLNT - Get Report) CEO Chris Rondeau started off as a front desk clerk for Planet Fitness in 1993. 

He worked his way up and took over as CEO back in 2013. He then took the company public in 2015. 

And now he's the CEO of a $7 billion public company. 

So, for anyone looking to get into the C-Suite, Rondeau has some advice. 

"My best leadership advice I say is lead by example. And I think when we see that you're passionate about the business that you're running, I think they want to follow in your footsteps and do what you ask of them and really drive the business forward," he said.

"What about the best and worst investing advice? I guess an easy one was that we're in the gym business and I just had to get into the technology business and start our own software to run our clubs and we should've stayed with a third party that we used. So I'd say that's the number one bad one. Number one most important [investment] is the people. We put a lot into our culture and culture drives our business," said Rondeau. 

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