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Picasso Heads to a New Frontier As Diem Reportedly Heads to a Premature Demise

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Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter looked to mint NFTs, Diem was  reportedly slowing down, CoinTracker clocked $1.3 billion valuation. Watch Ross Mac of Maconomics break down the latest cryptocurrency news on TheStreet’s ‘Crypto Minute’ on Thursday January, 27.


The artwork of one of the greatest visual artists of all time is going digital while Facebook seems to be pumping the breaks on its Crypto project.

It’s your boy Ross Mac and these are the biggest cryptocurrency stories on Thursday, January 27.

What do you do when the world around you is changing? Either you fight it or you adapt...and adapting is exactly what Pablo Picasso's granddaughter is doing...In an effort to capitalize on the current trend of NFtTs, she is about to sell over 1000 NFTs of his ceramic work that has never before been seen publicly. It kind of makes me wonder...if people will pay half a million for a picture of a Ape, then what will some of Picasso's work go for?

Remember Libra--I mean Diem--the ambitious stablecoin project launched by Mark Zuckerberg under Facebook? Well, Diem, according to the WSJ, is winding down the project and selling off its assets after facing fierce opposition. In October, lawmakers--including Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown--urged Zuck to end Diem. Now, if you know anything, Zuckerburg’s biggest enemies are the Winklevoss twins, and let's just say, they are getting the last laugh as a result of this.

CoinTracker, a crypto tax software, now has a $1.3 billion valuation after raising $100 million in a Series A funding round. The software is designed to help track tax liabilities and also report earnings and losses to the IRS. Yeah...I guess, thanks a lot CoinTracker, I was hoping to never pay capital gains taxes on my crypto.

I’m Ross Mac and that was the Crypto Minute on TheStreet. 

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