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Peter Schiff: This Is How to Invest to Avoid Getting “Wiped Out by the Fed”

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The Federal Reserve is going to create an inflationary environment that is like a tax that will hurt society on all levels, according to Peter Schiff, chief executive officer of Euro Pacific Capital.

“I think most people are going to get wiped out by the inflation tax. All of this government is not free. This incredible increase in the size of government is going to cost somebody. Somebody has to pay the bill for all the bailouts and all the stimulus, and if we’re not raising taxes, then how are we doing it?” Schiff told Kitco News.

This “tax” is also going to devalue fiat currencies, and investors should be holding onto physical gold and silver, he continued.

“So what you’ve got to do to mitigate the damage, your share of that inflation tax, is before the dollar collapses, get rid of your dollars and use them to accumulate real money, gold and silver or to buy quality income-producing assets in other countries,” he said.

As the dollar loses value at an ever faster pace, gold will eventually supplant it as the de facto global reserve currency, he noted.

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