PayPal Could Be Set to Blow Earnings Out of the Water

PayPal could push higher if this expert is correct.
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PayPal (PYPL) - Get Report is one of the most hotly anticipated earnings release on Wednesday and one market expert is expecting earnings to smash estimates.

Real Money contributor and former hedge fund manager Bob Lang expects a big for the stock after its report post-market.

"This stock has been on a monster run since it touched its low on Christmas Eve," he said. "I'm not too worried about PayPal, I think they are going to blow the numbers out of the water. I think if it has a blow out number and it gets above the high from Friday, we could see the stock touch the century level up to about $100."

He reiterated his confidence that the stock is set to move upward after earnings on Wednesday, which is backed by his own experience meeting CEO Dan Schulman at Jim Cramer's May 2018 teach-in.

"He could not have been more positive about the business," Lang commented. "I think a lot of people said 'the first thing I'm going to do is buy PayPal stock.' Sure enough, the stock went up."

To find out if its still a good time to buy PayPal on Wednesday, check out the Podcast conversation above.

For more of Lang's commentary on PayPal and what the charts are saying, head over to Real Money.

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