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PayPal CEO on China and Why the U.S. is Behind in the Digital Payments Space

At TheStreet's Investor Boot Camp, Jim Cramer talked to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman about their work in China and why the U.S. still is lagging in the digital payments space. Watch the video to find out. #CramerTeachIn

At TheStreet's Investor Boot Camp, Jim Cramer spent almost an hour with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman and they talked about everything from the future of Venmo to whether Amazon's (AMZN) - Get, Inc. Report Alexa is a threat.

In the clip above, they talk about China, how PayPal (PYPL) - Get PayPal Holdings, Inc. Report is one of the top three fin-tech companies in the world and why the United States is still a developing country in the digital payments world.

"You go around different parts of the world it's far more advanced than we are on a digital payments from a consumer.....We do a lot of credit card, we do a lot of that, but mobile payments in other parts of the world are far more advanced than we are," said Schulman at the #CramerTeachIn.

So listen in for more great insight from Schulman. 

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