At TheStreet's Investor Boot Camp, Jim Cramer spent almost an hour with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman and they talked about everything from the future of Venmo to whether Amazon's (AMZN - Get Report) Alexa is a threat.

In the clip above, they talk about China, how PayPal (PYPL - Get Report) is one of the top three fin-tech companies in the world and why the United States is still a developing country in the digital payments world.

"You go around different parts of the world it's far more advanced than we are on a digital payments from a consumer.....We do a lot of credit card, we do a lot of that, but mobile payments in other parts of the world are far more advanced than we are," said Schulman at the #CramerTeachIn.

So listen in for more great insight from Schulman. 

Excerpts from Jim Cramer's event here:

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