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Imagine a World Where Cars Don't Run on Fossil Fuel or Batteries, Paddy Lowe Does

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With an illustrious career in Formula One racing, Paddy Lowe has led the racing teams of McLaren, Williams, and Mercedes Benz to world championships employing innovative technologies into motorsport. 

Lowe has now turned his attention to addressing climate change and the role of fossil fuel usage in vehicles.  Founder and Director of Zero Petroleum, his new venture creates synthetic, liquid fuel from carbon captured from the atmosphere combined with water.

Observing the limitations of electric battery power, especially for applications like aircraft, farming equipment, military vehicles, and high-performance racing cars, Lowe believes the density of liquid fuel will make its use necessary for the foreseeable future.

In TheStreet's interview with Paddy Lowe, he states, "The thing we need to separate is the idea that petroleum has to come from underground as a fossil fuel source...So what we can do is make petroleum literally from water and thin air. The main ingredient is energy which we capture using renewable energy sources".

The technology which was first used during World War II is being adopted by several other companies including Audi.

Watch TheStreet's interview with Paddy Lowe by Corey Goldman for more insights into this revolutionary technology. The video above is part of TheStreet's video series Lessons in Leadership.

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