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Hitting the Road? Outdoorsy Says Millennials Are Driving the RV Renaissance

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Recreational vehicles are having a renaissance as a new generation rediscovers its love of camping and the open road. That renaissance is being driven by everyone's favorite group, millennials.

Outdoorsy is a recreational vehicle renting website that hooks RV owners up with people looking to rent an RVs. Company co-founders Jen Young and Jeff Cavins sat down with TheStreet and said that the youth movement is what's driving the resurgence in RV interest. 

"I mean, almost half of our user base is under the age of 40. And um, what we, you know, young pupil or millennials love unscripted trips and adventures. They love finding new things to do and what could be more perfect than really customizing your own vacation or your own holiday, choosing where you want to go," Young said. 

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Social media undoubtedly helps drive interest in camping as the only thing better than having a fun vacation in a remote area is posting pictures of your remote vacation on social media. 

"Well I will tell you that um, our, our business is growing very fast. We grew 400% a year on year over the last year. It's primarily because millennials are flocking to our platform. In fact, over the last four years, there is no group larger than millennials that have rented RVs," Young said. 

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