Outdoorsy Figured Out How to Make Money Off That Idle RV in Your Driveway

Who knew you could make money off of the 18 million idle recreational vehicles sitting in driveways across America? Well Outdoorsy.com figured out how to do just that. So are you in the market to rent an RV? Watch now!
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If renting a recreational vehicle conjures up visions of either John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley or Robin Williams's movie RV, Outdoorsy.com is hoping to modernize your image and entice millennials as well.

And much like Uber and Lyft, the company has taken the ride-share notion to the RV world.

"There are tons of RVs just sitting around and people could be renting them out to give them life-changing financial freedom. They can make up to $50,000 per year, which for some people is a full-time job," says Jen Young, CMO and co-founder, who we got to speak with recently.

Back in 2014, she and her husband Jeff Cavins decided to quit their day jobs, sell their homes and hop in an RV to really understand the industry and that's how Outdoorsy germinated back in 2014.

And business has been..uh...on the move since.

According to the company, they experienced a 465% growth rate last year, booking more than 350,000 travel days and generating over $150 million through the online rental platform.

The site lists all the available RVs in your area, with details about amenities and comments from previous renters. Think of it as Yelp (YELP) - Get Report for RVs.

"We are growing by 2,600 new listings per month. We will end the year with over 55,000 listings based on the current run rate," says Young.

And They are expanding into Europe, Australia and New Zealand after launching in Canada in December 2017.

So watch the video above for more and maybe it's time you considered renting an RV

And since we know you're dying to ask, You do not need a specials licensed to drive an RV.

We know --- scary.