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Could RV Company Outdoorsy Become the Airbnb of RVs?

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Recreational vehicles have seen a renaissance in recent years with 2018 seeing the most RV shipments on record, according to the RV Industry Association, and Outdoorsy is looking to maintain that industry momentum by lowering the barrier of entry for people interested in participating in the burgeoning culture. 

Outdoorsy was started by Jennifer Young, chief marketing officer, and Jeff Cavins, chief executive officer, in 2015 to bring RV owners and people interested in renting those vehicles together. 

"Definitely lowering the barrier of providing access to people is, it's certainly one key factor. I think also the nostalgia of the simple life and being able to really disconnect from so much technology and information coming at us all day. This is, you know, this isn't specific to the U.S. or it's a global situation where everybody is looking for connecting back to nature, to life's more simpler moments," Young told TheStreet. 

Outdoorsy lowers that barrier by making it as simple as possible to connect buyers and sellers. 

"So it's dual sided for anybody that owns an RV or motor home, a camper van to sports mobile, they simply go out list their vehicle in a few easy steps. We register and insure the vehicle and make it available for rent on the other side," Young said. "Anybody that wants to just spend time outdoors easily just searches and finds the vehicle that's perfect for them and messages directly with the owner rents the vehicle and we cover both the owner of the vehicle and the renter for insurance along the trip."

On Wednesday, Outdoorsy announced the launch of its vehicle purchase program, an internet sales and distribution model for campervans and RVs. The program gives consumers factory-direct access to purchasing RVs. 

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