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Options Trading Strategies for Beginners

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Looking to make money in the markets? 

There are plenty of places to do that. Options trading is one of those, but you do need to have some good knowledge and experience to make it happen in a positive way. TheStreet is going to help you trade like a pro.

Bob Lang, Real Money contributor, and co-portfolio manager of Trifecta Stocks, and Real Money Contributor Tim Collins discuss winning techniques for beginner investors. Collins says "use options as a stock replacement strategy". In the video above, he details the techniques that he uses to win at options trading.

Watch the extended, unedited conversation here: How to Trade Options: Real Money Pros Explain.

Looking for more ideas to trade like a pro? Watch this video by  Real Money Pros Bob Lang and Doug Kass. They discussed the ins and outs of short-selling in today's environment. Among other things, Kass explains why most retail investors should stay out of short-selling.  Watch the full interview: Bob Kass: Inside the Mind of a Short-Selling Pro

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