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One Key Mistake Trump Probably Continues Making With His Suits

President Trump isn't known for his fashion sense. Here's one key mistake he might be continuing to make with his suits.
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President Trump's sense of style has very often been off the mark. 

There he was again on Monday, sitting alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin with an over-sized suit and bright red tie hanging below the belt line. Both are fashion faux paus, especially when being the leader of the free world. 

Noted menswear designer Joseph Abboud weighs in on what mistakes Trump -- and many other men -- may be making when selecting a suit.

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"I always think you have to know your body type and you have to dress according to your lifestyle," Abboud explains to TheStreet. 

Abboud credits Bryant Gumbel and Bob Costas as particularly well-dressed. He also says former Macy's (M) Terry Lundgren has always been trend right.

Listen up gents, dressing for success is vital (to be successful).

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