One Growth Stock to Watch in the Market Right Now

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Let's take a look at the markets. 

Helene Meisler, who writes a daily technical analysis column for Real Money and writes TheStreet's Top Stocks newsletter, sat down with TheStreet to discuss what she's keeping a close eye on when it comes to growth stocks. 

She explained that she's seeing a lot of complacency in the market right now. 

And, when asked what growth stocks she's watching, Meisler had one that she's keeping a close eye on.

What's she watching? The iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector or (IGV) - Get Report ETF. 

"Everybody has this thing about value versus growth and I just think there's a lot of various different groups in stocks in the market. But if you take a look at IGV, which is an ETF to be long the software stocks, they got crushed in early August and nobody even talks about it anymore. And they're actually making the three of almost nearly four-month high lately in that ETF. So quite frankly, I think there are some that are okay and there probably some, that are not so good anymore," said Meisler. 

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