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The One Data Point That Every Investor Should Pay Attention to in the Markets

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With everything that is driving the markets, it may be hard to know what data points you need to pay attention to. 

Michael Kushma, CIO of Global Fixed Income at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, sat down with TheStreet to break down what economic data points investors need to pay attention to. 

Here's the data point he's paying attention to. 

"Well, one is also corporate performance. The weak link in the global economy is [Capital Expenditures]. And this was supposed to be a strength," said Kushma. "So after the big corporate tax reform, corporate tax cuts we saw in the U.S in 2018. And we saw a surge in after-tax earnings on many US companies. CapEx was picking up very sharply. And then the trade war began. And basically with all the uncertainty about the future, and where do I invest, what country do I invest in? Do I have to move my suppliers out of China to some other country?" 

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