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Okta Eyes Big Enterprises With Security, Access Management Tools

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Okta (OKTA) is going after the largest organizations out there. 

The cloud software firm, which specializes in identity-based access management tools, rolled out a slate of new offerings across security, authentication and more. It also announced a partnership with Atlassian (TEAM) , partly with the goal of introducing more big enterprise customers to Okta's product suite. 

Okta's CEO, Todd McKinnon, talked with TheStreet about the how access management, authentication, and cybersecurity all come together in Okta's products. 

"The basic idea of Okta is that you should start with a system that is the source of truth for who people are and what they can access," he said. "That's the reason why Okta is having success."

A key metric to watch is customers with annual contract value exceeding $100,000.

In its August earnings release, Okta reported 46% growth in that $100,000+ segment of customers. Those high-value customers numbered 1,200 total as of last quarter, amid 7,000 total. 

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