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Oprah, Howard Schultz and Natalie Portman Share This Investment in Common

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What do Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, Roc Nation and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz share in common?

They are all betting big on the future of plant-based milk giant Oatly.

Oatly recently announced a $200 million reinvestment and expansion led by Blackstone Growth and a slew of minority shareholders. Oatly’s founders will also be investing in the company’s growth via a series of reinvestments.

Other new investors include Orkila Capital and Rabo Corporate Investments, who join Verlinvest-CR JV.

What is Oatly? The Swedish company makes a series of plant-based dairy replacement products using a patented enzyme process that turns oats into a milk-like liquid.

Oatmilk and other plant-based beverages cater to desires for more sustainable foods, a growing trend among Millennials and younger generations.

“Since we re-launched our brand in 2013, our focus has been to positively impact society by enabling people to change their lives with better, more environmentally responsible food choices, and in so doing, re-shape the food system to better contribute to the future of the planet,” Oatly CEO Toni Petersson said in a press release.

Oatly is currently available in more than 50,000 locations in over 20 countries. The new investment aims to expand Oatly’s presence and availability in Asia, Europe and the U.S. 

Have you tried it yet? Oprah sure hopes so. 

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