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What NYSE Reopening Looks Like: Video

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The New York Stock Exchange partially reopened on May 26. It has been closed since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The move allows a taste of normalcy to return for some traders. 

However, new rules and safety measures have been implemented.

Those entering the building will not be allowed to use public transportation for commuting. Temperature checks, which the NYSE was doing before it closed for electric-trading only in March, will be re-implemented as well. Traders and anyone inside the building will be required to wear protective masks.

Additionally, a new floor choreography has been created that enforces social-distancing requirements, and cleaning and sanitation of the building will take place daily.

"We've learned a lot and are in a position to reopen the floor with vital new safety measures, as we begin working together to restart the U.S. economy,” wrote Cunningham.

Trader Peter Tuchman, 62, well-known on Wall Street as the stock exchange's "most photographed trader," contracted COVID-19 in March. In an interview with TheStreet in April, he told us what he hopes to do once he returns to the floor.

"I don't think hugging is going to be the first thing," said Tuchman. "I'd probably throw my hands up in the air with a big smile and just be grateful that I made it back down there."

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says the NYSE won't look the same for a long time. “Because of physical distancing, I don't think you can have 100 people there. I don't think you can have IPO clusters like they had…And I think that’s going to be disappointing to the rare person who can come in and look. We’re in a new world. Many things are different.”

“I will wear an N95 mask and gloves and my protective eyeglasses," he said.

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