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Nvidia Earnings Are This Week: Here's What to Expect

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Graphics processing company Nvidia  (NVDA)  reports earnings on Thursday, May 21. The GPU giant has seen its stock rise recently due to the coronavirus pandemic. While its automotive segment has slumped, Nvidia has seen increased revenue in its Data Center segment and gaming segment, among others.

Nvidia’s earnings report Thursday is expected to arrive around 4:20 P.M. EST with an earnings call scheduled for 5:30 P.M EST.

BMO recently upgraded Nvidia to outperform from ‘market perform.'

"While the CPU will always be an important part of the solution, the GPU, and specifically what NVIDIA has done with its GPU along with its software architecture, positions the company uniquely to be the prime beneficiary as we look over the next five years or so. We also believe the acquisition of Mellanox makes NVIDIA an even more formidable presence in the data center market," said BMO analyst Ambrish Srivastava.

On Tuesday, Nvidia stock hit an all-time high. Its shares are up 73% from its slump in March.

Watch the short video above to see what investors should be eyeing when Nvidia releases its earnings on Thursday.

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