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Here's Why There Aren't More Women in Asset and Wealth Management

It's no secret that there just aren't enough women in asset management or financial advisory services. Janet Cowell, CEO of Girls Who Invest tells us why. Watch!

For way too many years, the asset management and financial advisory world has been an old boys club. Or seen as something that only "greedy"people get involved in, says Janet Cowell is the CEO for Girls Who Invest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and leadership in the asset management industry.

So she and founder Seema Hingorani are trying to change that.

Cowell, who was the first woman to be elected as State Treasurer of North Carolina and managed over $100 billion in assets, for over 900,000 members, in her previous life, and saw firsthand the lack of women asset managers in the industry.

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Much of the problem revolves around the preconceived notions that surround the industry.

Wondering what they are?  Watch the video above now to find out.

  • And if you are a female college student or know one who might be interested in the asset management space, be sure to check out Girls Who Invest for more encouragement.