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No Time to Get to the Gym? No Problem, Bring The "Studio" Experience Home

Peloton's bikes may look like the ones you'd find at any indoor cycling studio, but the company's ceo says there is more technology in them than in an iPhone.

Like most new parents, John Foley and his wife were having a tough time getting to workout classes after their kids were born. But Foley knew there had to be a way get that "studio" experience at home.

As a the former CEO of and president of, he had a solid tech background, so set out to create a tech company that focused on indoor cycling. He founded Peloton in 2012. He and his team created an indoor cycling bike that has a 22-inch high-end tablet computer attached.

"We wanted to make it big and grand so that you feel like you're transported into class," says Foley. Classes are streamed live or on demand through the tablet. Bonus: it's waterproof so you can sweat on it.

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