Nintendo's $10 Paywall Slows 'Super Mario Run'

Gamers are balking at the cost to unlock content in Nintendo's new mobile game 'Super Mario Run.'
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Nintendo (NTDOY) shares were higher on Tuesday despite gamers balking at the cost to unlock content in its new mobile game Super Mario Run.

The app topped 40 million downloads just four days after its mid-December release. But it appears the excitement is wearing off -- Super Mario Run was only the top download in 68 countries over the holiday weekend, down from a peak of 138 on Dec. 17.

Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free, but users are not thrilled about the $10 they have to pay to progress beyond the first three levels of the game.

Sensor Tower analyst Spencer Gabriel tells Reuters that Mario is arguably the most popular gaming franchise worldwide, but only about 8% of people who try the game actually buy it.

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