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Nike's Long-Term Investors Score a Touchdown With New Colin Kaepernick Ad

Nike's true investors should favorably view the new Colin Kaepernick ad campaign. Don't expect a stock market meltdown in September.

Welcome back after the long holiday weekend. 

Now let's talk some markets. 

Did Nike Do the Right With Thing Colin Kaepernick?

Nike's (NKE) new ad campaign with controversial sports star Colin Kaepernick is the topic of focus on Tuesday. Long-term investors should favorably view the deal as it shows Nike trying to skate where the puck is headed in society. 

Market Meltdown Isn't Coming

A sharp sell-off in stocks in September is unlikely given the health of Corporate America. In particular, operating profit margins and cash flow levels remain very strong. 

Bye-Bye Apple Supercycle

The absence of an iPhone 'supercycle' this year may be a good thing for the tech giant's investors -- it sets the stage for lower expectations to be beaten in 2019.

Apple (AAPL) is a key holding in Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS member club

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