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NFTs Share This Hurdle With Bitcoin

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NFTs or non-fungible tokens have hit mainstream media. 

"By now, unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard the initials NFT dropped somewhere...It's one of many tokens now associated with the blockchain. We've all heard about coins like bitcoin, which in its most basic form is a currency. Utility tokens give the holder a right to a product or a service. Security tokens give the holders a representation in an asset or investment product. NFTs fall into the category of a unique digital asset. Unlike security tokens, they aren't backed by any underlying asset or than the NFT itself, whether it be something akin to a JPEG, GIF, or meme or other digital creation," Real Money's Tim Collins explained in a column about NFTs on March 15. 

Daniel Roberts, editor-in-chief of Decrypt, joined TheStreet to talk about NFTs and bitcoin.

And here's a hint: It has to do with getting through the mental block of digital versus physical. 

Watch the video above for more.

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