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Newt Gingrich on the U.S.-China Trade Talks, Biotech and Advice for Investors

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Curious about where we stand with the U.S.-China trade deal?

Newt Gingrich, a former Speaker of the House, weighed in on the U.S.-China trade deal, President Trump's social media presence, his focus on gene therapy and his advice for investors. 

U.S.-China Trade War

Gingrich weighed in on the U.S.-China trade war and what it means for the possibility of a trade deal. 

Here's what he thinks about the U.S.-China trade war:

"If you're the biggest customer, you have an enormous advantage. I mean, no rational company picks a fight with his biggest customer because it's the customer who ultimately has the pocketbook. And I think that Xi Jinping didn't quite realize that so much of China's growth had been dependent on American generosity and American willingness to allow the Chinese to break the rules. And now he's discovering, I just saw an article this morning about how many different products are now moving to the Philippines or Vietnam or Thailand and you're seeing the supply chain shift out of China, in a way that the president has said openly," he explained. 

Gene Therapy

Gingrich has been focusing heavily on gene therapy. 

"...Gene therapy could be one of the most powerful tools that we've ever had," explained Gingrich. 

But, for investors who are not familiar with gene therapy or the biotech space, it may be anxiety-inducing to dive into a sector that could later prove to be incredibly important. 

Gingrich has some advice for investors who want to explore the space, but don't have an idea of where to start. 

"First of all, if you're going to get into a field that is as complex as gene therapy, you ought to go to some experts," he explained. 

Need Some Advice?

Need some advice?

Gingrich gave investors some advice, and also laid out his top tip for anyone striving to be a better leader. 

Curious about how the former Speaker of the House acts as a leader and how you can be a better leader?

"Cheerful persistence," he answered. "I think you simply have to have a willingness to learn. My model is to listen, learn, help and lead. It takes a lot of time."

China-U.S. Trade War About To Get Uglier

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