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Here's What 'Shelter In Place' Would Mean For New Yorkers

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New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio has said at a press conference on March 17 that he's “absolutely considering” a shelter-in-place order. "The decision will be made in the next 48 hours," he said.

Here’s what that would mean for the city of 8.6 million residents.

A ’shelter-in-place’ order means city dwellers can only leave their homes for essential needs, which include food, medicine, and exercise

In San Francisco, where ‘shelter in place’ went into effect on March 17, residents have been told to avoid all unnecessary travel. Bay Area residents may take walks, but must maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people. The San Francisco order is in place for three weeks.

Violation of the orders is considered a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or jail time.

Most workers are ordered to stay home, with exceptions including health care workers, emergency responders, and government workers.

Shelter-in-place orders exist to safeguard public health and safety by helping to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The idea is the “flatten the curve” so that health systems don’t get overwhelmed.

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