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Netflix Has a Secret Weapon for the Streaming Wars, and It's Not Jennifer Aniston

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Netflix has a secret weapon in its ongoing battle to reign supreme in the world of streaming content and keeping viewers’ eyeballs, and it's not Jennifer Aniston, or Sandra Bullock either, for that matter.

The company on Monday revealed that it has some 90 million subscribers – not including those in the U.S. and Canada – who pay a monthly fee to stream both its original content and other shows and movies, far more than any of its rivals.

The numbers, released for the first time as part of the company’s move to provide more detailed reporting of its subscriber base and revenue streams ahead of its quarterly earnings report next month, paint a picture of a streaming giant that casts a long shadow over newer incumbents like Disney’s Disney+, Apple’s AppleTV+ and others.

While the company did not break down how much revenue it gets from those 90-million subscribers, nor the 60 million it gets from its U.S. and Canadian viewers, it provides a snapshot into how much revenue the company pulls in each month from its European, Latin American and Asian audiences, if one averages out the cost of a monthly membership globally.

And while it doesn’t necessarily offset the millions the company is spending on producing high-production-value original content, it does help offset Netflix’s slowdown in U.S. subscriber growth, something analysts and investors have been concerned with.

The company issued the information to prepare investors and analysts for its next earnings report, which will be released on January 21. 

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