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Nervous? Jim Cramer Says Sell

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Jim Cramer has some advice for investors. 

Following the worst day for stocks in 2019, Cramer's weighs in on how investors should approach the markets.

First and foremost? Be ready for negativity. 

Here's what Cramer had to say.

"We did have this remarkable, stupid sale and it's okay to say it's stupid. I mean, even if we go back to where we were, you have a great chance to sell. I want to first say to people, if you're nervous and worried, sell some now. Okay? If you're nervous and worried, because you'll, if we go down 2% to 3% from here, which should be natural, given the fact that we're up 15, I'm afraid you'll panic. Okay. And I don't want that. So listen to what I'm saying. It is okay to take some profits here into a bounce if you're nervous," he said.

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