Nepal's Only Billionaire Shares His Secrets to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

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Nepal is still a developing nation and not often thought of as a business hub but Binod Chaudhary, the CEO and President of Chaudhary Group has risen up through the ranks to become the nation's first and only billionaire to date.

Chaudhary stresses the importance of on-the-job training and learning by doing. He believes that true entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught by learning institutions.

 "Entrepreneurship comes from within", says Chaudhary. Watch the clip above for more leadership advice, or see the entire interview: The Inspirational Story of Nepal's First Billionaire

During the month of May, TheStreet's video series is highlighting Lessons in Leadership. In addition to interviews with some of the world's most influential leaders and executives, we'll also highlight companies from the past and present (Tesla, Inc.  (TSLA) - Get Report, Kodak  (KODK) - Get Report, and more) to learn from their mistakes and victories. 

Nepal's Richest Person and Only Billionaire.

TheStreet's Anuz Thapa traveled to Nepal in 2019. Follow us on YouTube and watch that interview below.

Editor's Note: This interview was produced by TheStreet's Anuz Thapa.

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