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Nepal Billionaire Recounts His Success Story and Business Philosophy

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Nepali business leader and philanthropist, Binod Chaudhary, is the CEO of Chaudhary Group and Nepal's first billionaire. His business empire stretches across several sectors from food to banking.

Having helped develop 80 different businesses spread across 19 nations, he has a depth of knowledge and experience that he shared in a best-selling autobiography and also with TheStreet's Anuz Thapa.

Chaudhary discusses how the tumultuous past year has been a challenge for all businesses and how the entrepreneurial spirit and good business sense can help to navigate the uncharted waters that all businesses find themselves in. 

He states, "I was neither prepared nor had the education or experience when I started off, but I took each development in my life seriously. This helped me to see clearly where I stood and where I had to reach".

Chaudhary further elaborates on his work ethic and offers a wealth of advice for budding entrepreneurs on how to realize their dreams.

Editor's note: The interview was produced and conducted by TheStreet's Anuz Thapa.

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